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Fitness Class
Core Fitness


“Full Body Rhythm Class”

(This unique format incorporates rhythmic functional movements along with weights.)


Full Body, fitness for all levels and starting points. Looking for a great cardio and resistance training program, look no further. Burn calories, sweat and have fun.

Workout with Ropes

Butts & Guts

“Develop your glutes and tone and firm your stomach!”

This fun low impact class isolates glutes, and core movements. Let’s face it having a firm rear and a tone/flat stomach is what everyone wants.



“High intensity hard core calorie burn and weight based movements.”

This class will get your heart pumping, rump moving and muscles flexing! This class incorporates a full body get after it format. No excuses just results.

Weight Lifting

Multi Compounded Movements

“Big 4 Movements”

This class is not for the faint at heart. Full body to boost metabolism and build lean mass. Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press and Military Press your way to a unique workout geared toward ultimate results.

Push Ups

All About the CORE

“The abdominal workout you’ve been looking for!”

This format is geared towards strengthening, toning and tightening that troubled spot. No more Dunlap Syndrome.... “Where the stomach Dunlap over that belt!” Get those washboard ab’s....

Balance & Stabilization

“Get your mobility and agility back through balance movements.”

This class will challenge your neurological adaptation patterns. As you age and overcome injuries/postural deviations learn to focus and stabilize those deficiencies to prevent further damage and improve.

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