Don Cardona

A 25 year fitness veteran. He has owned his own health club and as senior executive for two of the largest fitness chains globally opened/operated hundreds of facilities across the US.


He has a unique approach as a certified personal trainer his passion is fitness. He lives the brand at 47 years young he represents his brand. His approach to manipulating stimulus and diet to keep results progressing is unique. The testimonials speak for themselves. His goal as the founder is simple; “develop a virtually accessible platform so fitness done right after 40 becomes global. By getting informative game changing content into your hands and removing guess work and barriers.”

Jane Dwyer

Fitness isn’t just her career but her passion. Aging as a woman creates unique mental and physical obstacles especially after 50. As a mom, grandmother and fitness entrepreneur she empathizes with those that have struggled with health and wellness issues.


Her journey wasn’t seamless, unfortunately she suffered set backs and challenges in life. Jane suffered a significant knee injury that led to weight gain and struggles. Life is about obstacles and challenges, how you adapt and overcome is key. She began her fitness journey anew again after her 50th birthday. It lead to an amazing weight loss story and a rebirth in fitness.


Her background is unique as it is diverse. As a former competitive swimmer being an athlete meant maintaining health at a high level. After college she worked n high tech in the SF Bay Area. Progressing into healthcare at Stanford she decided to share her passion and results after 50 with others. She bought a health club and became a certified personal trainer. She knew the limitations that running one gym would have. Her goal all along was to build a vertical platform for fitness virtually. She joined reNewU for that exact reason. Life is full of limitless opportunities, seize those challenges and  take back control of your health and everything then becomes possible. I can, I will, and so can you.

Antwon Rollins:

Antwon is a former professional athlete for the Texas Rangers organization in Major League Baseball. Sports came naturally and he excelled easily. His true love though was cinematography and art. Creating and building were a key foundation block in his life; these skills were taught and honed by his mentor. His father shared his passion for art and creativity, Antwon adopted those skills into his new career path. As a producer and film maker he was able to share his visions with his audience and take them on a journey.


Visualization lead to a professional career change from professional sports to art in films. Sometimes you need to challenge yourself in a different capacity, with every end there is a new challenge and beginning. Most former athletes know that eventually the game will end, as a child you play for fun, Unfortunately there is a distinct business side to pro sports that the public doesn’t get to see. 


Being able to share his passion for art, film and fitness creates a synergy that is unparalleled. Age is a part of life, how you age is a choice. Antwon shares his skills through the reNewU platform because he knows his life experiences can be shared and knowledge can be gained.