Why do most fitness ad’s neglect older adults?

I think this is a very interesting topic. If you look at companies launching new virtual programming or even gym advertisements how many older adults do you see? Few if any at all!

Ageism is alive and well from a marketing perspective. Few companies in health and wellness speak to older adults. Why? For some reason as we age we are made to feel less sexy, less fit, less attractive. Quite frankly the lack of marketing toward older segments is a foolish move.

Today we live in an America that has an older population. Around the globe this phenomenon is consistent. People are living longer and staying active into later years.

Look I can speak for myself, I will be 48 in a couple months. When I look at ads for health and fitness I rarely see people in my age demographic. Moreover whenever I do receive marketing ads they seem to be geared towards negative connotations.

I know plenty of people in my age demographic that are extremely fit and lead very active lifestyles. I do not see age as an inhibitor. Your biological age is simply a number, your fitness level dictates your true age and longevity.

Let’s look at some data:

  1. Older adults hold the purse today. They buy products for themselves, children, grandchildren and their parents. Some even have grandparents that are still active.

  2. Exercise science, technology and nutrition are more advanced and precise. Every population has the opportunity to be more active and productive.

  3. Older populations want to maintain youth and productivity beyond what previous generations have.

  4. Todays maturing population has reinvented themselves, due to global financial crisis, pandemic and economic hardships. Most who thought about retiring are working longer, changing careers and even redefining themselves physically to stay relevant and productive. Today’s aging populations aren’t afraid to change and try new things especially with regard to their health and wellness.

With the rising cost of products and services like gym equipment, subscription based wellness platforms and wearables, most older adults can afford these high ticket items. Ads and marketing should start reflecting the active aging demographic. It simply is smart business.

I think companies should start targeting, “what is possible and how to attain it!” Working out ️can be fun and rewarding at any age! You can literally achieve the best shape of your life at 40, 50, even 60 there truly is no barriers except what your mind conceives. It simply takes a strategically planned program, proper diet, tracking and consistency.

As you age you know your body better. Getting a plan, products and services that motivate and drive you is key. My advice to companies is stop neglecting aging populations and start targeting them.

Fit at any age is my passion and purpose. My goal is simple, educate, empower and move populations to a healthier more active lifestyle.

I am not advocating only targeting older populations, I think every population and demographic should be fairly represented as consumers. The beauty of health and fitness is it truly supersedes every barrier. Who doesn’t want to live longer and feel their best?

I think we can all learn from each other regardless of age or fitness level, when wisdom intersects with youth boundaries are broken and stereotypes are shattered. Fitness is about increasing energy, strength, vitality and remaining consistent.

Let this be our opportunity for change. Let’s keep America active and advocate fitness equally to all age demographics. That is exactly why I founded reNewU LLC, aging without barriers, fit at any age!

Don Cardona



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